KT SoftSkills Project Accelerates with Major Upcoming Developments

This Autumn, the partners of the KT SoftSkills initiative are gearing up for a series of decisive advancements to make knowledge transfer great again! As we collectively enter a crucial phase of the project, our shared objective remains consistent: to create a KT Soft Skills Training Program that responds to the needs of the evolving Knowledge Transfer landscape.

According to the plan and confirmed during the summer Fface-to-Fface meeting in Leiden, Jagiellonian University is at the helm of organizing a strategic online workshop in November, which opens the period of the JU leading role in the WP3 phase of the project. This pivotal event will finalize the spectrum of indispensable soft skills for KT professionals. The collected insights will form the very backbone of the KT Soft Skills Self-Assessment Framework.

SOPU and Jagiellonian University are joining forces in a parallel stride to craft a comprehensive program guide. This instrumental guide will undergo a detailed review process, where a dedicated group of 30 KT professionals will share their invaluable feedback. This perspective will ensure that the guide's content is relevant and robust.

Leading the creation of a precise self-assessment mechanism is UNIBO, with JAG's steadfast support. This tool will experience its scrutiny as another set of 30 KT professionals provide their perspective, ensuring its precision and pertinence.

ASTP and NETVAL will play a vital role in this journey. Aside from other activities, they'll facilitate focus groups, bringing together 40 KT professionals. These discussions are designed to refine the guide and self-assessment tool to perfection. The outcome will be a powerful collective commitment to quality and relevance.

Our global approach to this initiative remains evident. NETVAL has graciously undertaken the organization of an international assembly in Italy. This event will witness the convergence of KT professionals across Europe, each contributing their expertise and feedback on our finalized guide and assessment tool.

As we aim to amplify the presence of the KT SoftSkills initiative, our continuous engagement with the Quality Board remains integral. This internal council, brimming with industry experts, maintains our standard of excellence in our research pursuits. We remain thankful for our association with ATTP and PACTT, which willingly champion enhancing KT and TT skills.

As this phase fades out, Jagiellonian University will take the guide, finalizing the online tool and the comprehensive report on the importance of soft skills in KT.

Joint efforts of the Consortium in WP3 will deliver two main results: the Knowledge Transfer Soft Skills Self-Assessment Framework online tool and a free downloadable report on Knowledge Transfer Soft Skills, showing the set of soft skills for KT ready to be included in the training program for KT professionals.

In tandem with these developments, we're gearing up for a robust dissemination campaign led by our partners, with a leading role of the Helsinki Think Company.

This Autumn promises to be a defining period for the KT Soft Skills endeavor. United in purpose and driven by expertise, we remain determined in our mission: advancing knowledge transfer skills and practices on a monumental scale.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


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